Children of Africville

The Children of Africville tells the story of Africville, a pioneer Black community in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It describes what life was like for the children who lived there. The slim book details living, leaving, and remembering through the eyes of the children. With large print, colourful type, and lots of pictures, the book is made for children around ages 7-12, but it’s a great resource for people of all ages.
Nominated for Golden Oak Award, Hackmatack Award


I was lucky to visit many schools with my book, The Children of Africville.

“I love teaching topics that have true meaning that reach the emotions and hearts of children.  Here’s a quote from one of my students.  It put a lump in my throat because it was so moving, even though she said it in such a matter of fact way…………………”When I grow up, I want to go and visit Africville” Even though, Africville is no longer there, I think the memory will live in her heart forever.  That really proved how special the people of Africville are, and how they touched our hearts.   You are to thank for putting this visual picture/idea into her thoughts.” Toronto educator

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