Children of the Titanic

Beth, Charlotte and John were among the 2,333 passengers aboard the Titanic. They played aboard the grand ship, explored its many wonders and made new friends among the 109 children on board. Beth Cook, 6, is travelling in third class with her aunt. Charlotte (Lottie) Murphy, 8, and her parents are second-class passengers and Irish emigrants. John Crosby, 11, is travelling in first class with his father, a steel magnate. Because of their difference in ages and passenger classes, the three experience their life on board differently.

Beth makes new friends to play with (there were 79 children in third class, compared with 24 in second and just six in first). Lottie spends much of her time with her parents and is aware of her mother’s anxiety that a disaster will befall the ship. John roams about on his own, swims in the ship’s pool and eats two or three desserts with every meal.

Then disaster strikes and sends them scrambling to the too-few lifeboats that could save them. Read about what is was like for them to be on board this great ship, to roam the decks and enjoy the comfortable 2nd and 3rd class cabins and the grand staterooms of 1st class. Live the disaster through the children’s eyes when they boarded lifeboats and hoped for rescue. Discover facts about the ship that will amaze you and perk your interest to learn more.

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