Pier 21: Listen to My Story

Nowadays most newcomers to North America arrive by airplane, but it wasn’t always that way. Between 1928 and 1971, approximately 1.5 million people arrived by boat, passing through the immigration facility at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In this pictorial, fact-filled book for young readers, the true stories of nine children are present, children who remember well their voyages over and their first experiences in a new place

We meet Heili, an Estonian girl whose father captained a tiny 18-person boat crammed with 347 people fleeing communist rule in 1948, and Jamie, a Second World War guest child from Scotland who later returned to North America to live when he grew up. Also included are stories of immigrants from Italy, the Ukraine and the Netherlands, and the children of war brides who came over to reunite with their husband

With over forty photos, a glossary, timeline, and sidebar features on the pier itself and the home countries of those who passed through it, Pier 21 provides an excellent introduction for children to this key landmark in immigration history.

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